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Conni Haynes

I don't know what I am doing. You write so well and I would love you to write my story. I heard from Pat Boone's office and he said he would be very happy to write a forward for my BOOK some day. Have to write the book first of course. Hmmmm Congratulations on the marriage of your daughter.

Josh Galgan

Hey brother, I am sorry for the upheaval that you and Cynthia have faced yet I am also thankful that God has used it to shape your paradigm in ministering to the homeless. I wanted to say that I am in complete agreement that God has blessed many of us with homes but not just to snuggle up in. We need to go to the people with the gospel not wait for them to come to us.
Thanks for the reminder that our mission is not to help people live the suburban dream. I know I still have a tendency to think that way as I interact with the homeless and hurting. Miss you and want to say congrats on Laura's wedding!

Scott Bradley

Alan, You continue to inspire many to follow Christ and live in His ways. I am thankful to call you brother and friend. In His Love, Scott

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