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Christie Allmen (daughter-in-law) of the previous owners

Pigeons in the house are not new to 407 Magnolia Ave. One time when Lois and Bill Allmen were on vacation I came over to check on the house. When I walked through the front door and saw what I first thought was white paint drops all over the carpet. Knowing that wasn't possible, I started looking around. There were pigeon droppings all over the lampshades, pictures and every piece of furniture. I finally figured out that the pigeon entered the house by falling down the chimney and then banging against the glass fireplace screen until it finally open enough for it to escape into the house. I tried several times to catch the pigeon but the only way I could get it out of the house was prop the front door open and set a plate of water on the porch. It immediately flew out the door towards the water. However the cleanup from the "droppings" took several days

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